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zu unserem Produkt ADC®-CP: Quick-Disconnect for hygienic applications

ADC®-CP: Quick-Disconnect for hygienic applications

The ADC®-CP Quick Disconnect Coupling to DIN 2828 permits the connection and disconnection of a hose line in the shortest possible time. Thanks to its gap-free and open bore design, the ADC-CP is especially suitable for hygienic applications, and is therefore ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry.
The ADC®-CP consists of an inline connector and an optional adaptor. The ADC®-CP inline connector can be mounted on the end of a hose. Among other things, the adaptor is suitable for mounting on containers as well as hoses and piping.

The two coupling components are connected by pushing them together. They are easily disconnected by pulling them apart.

Sterile connections & optimal cleaning

ADC®-CP couplings ensure sterile handling. Options exist, using a sterile screw connection, sterile flange connection or sterile clamp connection. The ADC®-CP can be cleaned easily after use.

Gap-free internal design

In order to prohibit unwanted entry of external substances into the system, the internal structure of the ADC-CP is completely gap-free. This gap-free design also prevents residues from settling.

High compatibility to DIN 2828

ADC®-CP couplings have a very high level of compatibility, due to their construction in accordance with DIN 2828 standards.

Quick Connect / Quick Disconnect

The intelligent connection and disconnection mechanism offers the fastest possible coupling and uncoupling.



The most important technical data at a glance

Sizes:DN25 (1“) bis DN80 (3“)
Pressure rating:PN16
Temperature range:-55°C (-67°C) bis +100°C (+212°F)
Body material:Edelstahl 1.4435
sterile Connections:Gewinde: NPT, BSP, ISO
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Conformities:2014/68/EU Druckgeräterichtlinie, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432, 21 CRF Part 11, USP Code 6

ADC®-CP: Quick-Disconnect for hygienic applications

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zu unserem Produkt ADC®-CP: Quick-Disconnect for hygienic applications

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