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zu unserem Produkt ASK®-TT: Dry Break Coupling cryogenic sector up to -328°F (-200°C)

ASK®-TT: Dry Break Coupling cryogenic sector up to -328°F (-200°C)

The ASK®-TT dry break coupling, for low-temperature applications, handles liquid and gaseous media in suction or pressure lines. Connections can be completed without drips, safely, and environmentally friendly. It enables fast coupling and uncoupling, even with filled lines subject to working pressure. Moreover, the integrated swivel joint minimizes mechanical wear to ensure a long life-cycle. Cryogenic dry break couplings are recommended for transporting LNG, LOX, and other liquid or gaseous media down to -200° Celsius or -328° Fahrenheit, respectively.
Connecting and disconnecting the ASK-TT dry break coupling is simple and fast. For connecting, the female coupler is set on the male adapter. With a single, continuous rotation, the coupling is first sealed and then the internal valves are opened. The media therefore remains completely inside the product line, without exposure to the environment. For disconnection, the order is simply reversed. The valves inside the coupling close and seal completely before the female coupler can be removed from the male adapter. Therefore, no media is lost during the disconnection process. Generally, the male adapters are fixed to manifolds, trucks, ships etc. and the female couplers are connected to hose lines or loading arms.

Reliable, even at low temperatures

The ASK-TT allows for the transfer of liquids and gases that are in a low temperature range (down to -200° Celsius or -328° Fahrenheit, respectively). Even subject to a degree of icing, the ASK-TT remains fully functional. Thus, it can be used for virtually any cryogenic application.

Drip-free & safe

The internal valves of the ASK-TT ensure a drip-free coupling and uncoupling process, so that neither the environment nor the end-user are exposed to the media.

Faster transfers

You can safely uncouple the ASK-TT even with a filled line, which significantly speeds up the loading process. The simple handling of the dry break coupling also minimizes the time required to establish a connection. The ergonomically optimized handwheel also makes the operation much easier compared to a conventional handle.

Maximum flow

We determined the flow-optimized design of the ASK-TT using the finite elements method (FEM), and we validated our design with live flow tests. As a result, the ASK-TT dry break coupling achieves a maximum conveying volume with minimal pressure loss.

Integrated swivel joint

The integrated swivel joint in the female coupler minimizes mechanical stress and prevents torsion load on the line. Additionally, the high-quality design of the dry coupling ensures a continuously smooth rotation of the swivel joint. The ASK-TT is therefore a very low-maintenance coupler.

100% verified by international accreditation bodies

The ASK-TT is a globally recognized safety product that has been certified by well-known, international certification bodies. As a result, their use in critical applications is possible without reservations.
The ASK-TT was specially developed for the transport of media with an extremely low temperature, including cryogenic liquefied natural gas, liquefied oxygen, ethylene, propylene and, ethane. It can be used with liquid or gaseous cryogenic media in pressure or suction lines. This makes it ideal for cryogenic tankers and loading stations, among other things. Ideally, they are combined with the NTS-SZ-TT emergency breakaway coupling.






The most important technical data at a glance

Sizes:DN25 (1“) to DN200 (8“)
Pressure rating:PN16 (232psi) to PN25 (360psi)
Temperature range:-200°C (-328°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
Body material:Stainless Steel 1.4404 (316L)
Connections:Threads: NPT, JIC Flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, ASME
Conformities:2014/68/EU PED, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432, ISO16904, ISO21593

ASK®-TT: Dry Break Coupling cryogenic sector up to -328°F (-200°C)

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zu unserem Produkt ASK®-TT: Dry Break Coupling cryogenic sector up to -328°F (-200°C)

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