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zu unserem Produkt ASK®-GI: Dry Break Coupling for liquefied gases

ASK®-GI: Dry Break Coupling for liquefied gases

The ASK®-GI is a Dry Break for spill-free, safe and environmentally friendly loading of liquefied gases in suction or discharge lines. It allows quick coupling and uncoupling of filled hose lines and pipes under operating pressure.
Das An- und Abkuppeln der ASK-Trockenkupplung gestaltet sich einfach und schnell. The coupling and uncoupling of the ASK Dry Break is quick and easy. To connect, simply place the female connector onto the Dry Break’s male adaptor, then make a single, continuous rotating motion, so that the coupling is first sealed and then the valves are opened. In this way, the transported media stays safely within the line, precluding spillage. To disconnect the ASK®-GI, simply proceed in the reverse order. The valves on each side of the coupling will automatically close, preventing any loss of product. The male adaptor normally remains on the system, and the valve stays securely closed until the next connection process.

Spill-free & safe

ASK®-GI couplings ensure spill-free coupling and uncoupling with no product exposure to either the user or the environment.

Fast loading

The Dry Break’s ease of operation minimizes connection time. This is mainly due to the ergonomically optimized hand wheel, which makes the operation much easier, compared to a conventional handle.

Maximum flow

Our flow-optimized design for the ASK®-CP was created using the finite element method (FEM), and then validated by flow tests. The results are a minimal pressure loss for the Dry Break when operating at maximum-delivery flow.

Integrated swivel joint

The ASK®-GI needs near-zero maintenance, thanks to the Dry Break’s fine design. Mechanical stress is minimal, and torsion in the pipe is prevented with the integrated swivel joint on its female side, so that rotation remains smooth over its lifetime.

Fully verified by international certification entities

The ASK®-GI is a globally recognized safety coupling that has been certified by recognized international approval entities, so there are no reservations about its use across a range of safety-related applications.
The ASK®-GI dry coupling from ARTA is used on liquefied gas suction and discharge lines. It can be used both on hose lines and on pipe loading systems. Among other uses, it is ideally suited to tanker vehicles, rail tank cars, loading stations or dispensing stations. Ideally, an ASK®-GI should be combined with one of our NTS emergency disconnect safety systems.





The most important technical data at a glance

Sizes:DN15 (1/2“) to DN150 (6“)
Pressure rating:PN16 (232psi) to PN40 (580psi)
Temperature range:-80°C (-112°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
Body material:Stainless Steel 1.4301 (304) / 1.4404 (316L) / 1.4571 (316Ti)
Sealing:Elastomere, Perflourelastomere others on request
Connections:Threads: NPT, BSP, ISO Flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, ISO, ASME others on request
Conformities:2014/68/EU PED, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432

ASK®-GI: Dry Break Coupling for liquefied gases

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zu unserem Produkt ASK®-GI: Dry Break Coupling for liquefied gases

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