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Company profile

For over 50 years, ARTA has maintained the position of the global market leader in couplings and connector system solutions. We are a reliable partner to companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, oil and gas and cryogenic sectors, both onshore and offshore.
ARTA is a lively, owner-managed company. We are proud of our corporate independence. We are known for our agility and dynamism, flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. Our employees are fully aligned with the company vision and its products, and we assume responsibility for our products with our customers. We are driven by an unusually high level of motivation and focus.

Industrial couplings have always shaped the company history of ARTA. More than 50 years ago, one of our products, the ASK Dry Break Coupling, conquered the market for marine couplings.

Since the company’s founding in 1964, enthusiasm for connectors and their development has been passed on from generation to generation. Today, thousands of international customers from various industrial sectors trust ARTA as an innovative market leader and reliable product supplier.


What can you expect from us?

Supply and Service

We follow our products throughout their lifetime. The active ARTA after-sales service assists our customers with commissioning and maintenance. We provide our users with practical and theoretical training to support the smooth day-to-day operations of ARTA couplings.

Our Service Area team assists customers with new challenges in special applications, either by phone or on site. We offer a generous lifetime spare parts warranty for our durable couplings, even after over 25 years of use.

While ARTA is the perfect standard equipment supplier, we also specialize in individually customized solutions, always provided rapidly and directly from one source.



Die Produkte von ARTA haben einen hohen technologischen Reifegrad und eine herausragende Qualität.

Our service technicians work closely with our customers on their multiple operational challenges. During onsite meetings, they take on tasks and make suggestions for the further development of our products.

The application engineers and technicians immediately forward optimization ideas to our highly-qualified engineers – because at ARTA, ideas are transformed into modern products.

Research and Development

Our highly-qualified engineering department employs state-of-the-art methods for product development. The use of computer-aided development with simulations and FEM as well as additional manufacturing processes are a part of our everyday activity.

ARTA also cooperates with research institutes on real-world projects, and many employees come to ARTA from the university research environment.

We verify mathematical-analytical findings in our own ARTA test facilities through trials on prototypes and through our own product development program. ARTA holds several third-party certificates from different industries.


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