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zu unserem Produkt ADG-CP®: Swivel joint for hygienic applications

ADG-CP®: Swivel joint for hygienic applications

The ADGTM-CP Swivel Joint was developed especially for hygienic applications, making it perfect for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics or food industry. ARTA’s ADGTM swivel joints prevent torque in hose and pipe lines, reducing early wear of piping systems. The flexibility incorporated in their design allows different pipe sections to rotate in relation to each other. They are ideal for transporting liquid, gaseous and solid media.
The two connecting components of the ADGTM-CP Swivel Joint are assembled on one or two ball bearing races, making pivotal movement and 360° rotation possible.

Sterile connections and optimal cleaning

ADGTM-CP connections ensure sterile handling. There are options using a sterile screw connection, sterile flange connection or sterile clamp connection. It is easy to clean ADGTM-CP Swivel Joint after use to permit reuse.

Gap-free interior design

In order to rule out unwanted entry of external substances into the system, the internal structure of the ADGTM-CP is completely gap-free. The gap-free design also prevents residues from settling.

High compatibility due to modular system design

At ARTA, you will find the precisely correct swivel joint for every purpose, whether straight or curved, or employing flanged or threaded connections. The system’s modular design permits attaching multiple swivel joints for increased line mobility.

Reduced wear & ease of handling

The swivel joint prevents twisting in the hose, which mitigates tension and protects it. In addition, the ADGTM-CP simplifies handling and transforms rigid systems into flexible ones.

High level of safety

Preventing twisting reduces the risk of a dangerous situation developing.

Low maintenance & durability

ARTA uses high-quality materials and optimized ball races to protect the longevity of the ADGTM-CP Swivel Joint. Furthermore, we put a great deal of effort into designing our swivel joints to be as maintenance-free as possible. The rare maintenance required is simple, fast and very user-friendly.
The ADGTM-CP is used as a movable pipe and hose component on suction and discharge lines. The ADGTM-CP swivel joint was specifically developed for applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries, and its construction allows its safe use for the highest hygienic standards.




The most important technical data at a glance

Sizes:DN15 (1/2“) to DN50 (2“)
Pressure rating:PN16 (232psi)
Temperature range:-55°C (-67°F) to +100°C (+212°F)
Body material:Stainless Steel 1.4435
Sealing:Elastomere, Perflourelastomere others on request
sterile Connections:Threads: NPT, BSP, ISO Flanges: DIN/EN, ANSI, ISO, ASME others on request
Conformities:2014/68/EU PED, 2014/34/EU ATEX, EN14432, 21 CRF Part 11, USP Code 6

ADG-CP®: Swivel joint for hygienic applications

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zu unserem Produkt ADG-CP®: Swivel joint for hygienic applications

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